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Relieve Touch Foot Peel Mask, Exfoliating Callus Remover (2 Pairs per Box)

by Brio Products
Price: $19.95
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  • The best foot care treatment for dry, cracked and calloused feet. You get soft, beautiful feet in just 1-2 weeks!
  • Getting great looking feet was never easier! Easy to apply and use: just apply and let the foot mask peel do its work. No scrubbing, no pain, just nice smooth feet.
  • Just cut a hole in the booties, slip your foot in, seal it, and relax for an hour while the Soft Touch foot mask peel kit goes to work on your foot, moisturizing and exfoliating it with the gel.

Product description

Dry, calloused and cracked heels can make your feet look unsightly. You want to hide them in shoes so no one will notice them. Now forget your foot troubles forever because we have the perfect solution for your foot care problem. What is it? Soft Touch Foot Mask is a revolutionary callus remover that gets rid of dry, cracked and calloused feet and gives you back smooth and beautiful feet again. The foot peel socks come in an easy pack of 1.2 fl oz per foot. How to Use: Soft Touch Foot Mask is a very easy to apply product. Simply clean and dry your feet, slip your foot into the mask. Seal and leave it on. Let the goodness of the foot mask soak in. After an hour just remove the foot mask and wash your feet gently with soap and water. No need for vigorous scrubbing or a foot file scraper that makes your feet battered. It's a great dead skin remover. One to two weeks after the application, the dead skin will start falling off. The calluses will be removed. The cracked heels will be soft and supple skin. Within one to two weeks the foot peel kit will work its magic and dead, dry skin will drop off revealing gorgeous soft new skin underneath on feet and toes. The foot mask lotion is made of powerful yet safe botanical extracts. No artificial additives or chemicals, just the goodness of nature helps you get soft feet again. Active ingredients include papain and aloe vera extract that exfoliate and moisturize your feet naturally. It's very helpful for your winter time foot care. Getting beautiful feet was never easier! Makes a great gift too.

Foots Relish. 2 Compression Plantar Fasciitis Braces - Copper Arch Support / Sleeves. GUARANTEED Highest Copper Essence. For Foot Care, Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, Pain In Feet And Dead Arches.

by Foots Love. We only focus on a few Specialized Products. Each made of the Highest Quality and Athletics Approved.
Price: $14.50
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  • Why These Are Different: These are a premium, the Original and the Highest Copper count of any Compression Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support. Not the same Sock to wear every day or a Pad to force discomfort. These do work, most feel results immediately while some a while longer. It did take time to get this and may take time to cure. Compression is different for each of us. Please read the How to Measure Fit in the Description below.
  • What These Do : Faster Healing time and pain free mobility. Specifically designed for the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spur pain while standing or being active. These greatly help align the foots roll during motion (Pronation and Supination) to reduces pain in Knees, Hips and Back. Plantar Fasciitis is usually a 1 to 3 month treatment with proper care. That is less than 21 cents a day. Give your body what it needs to heal.
  • Who We Are : Foots Love is the Athletes Foot Care choice. We only make a few products, specifically designed for that need and like no other on the market. Any other is a copy. Located in the USA with customer support to help with any questions or needs. Foots Love main goal is to get you back in the game faster

Product description

Foots Love Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve Orthotics are: Engineered to Ease Pain Associated with Heel and Plantar Fasciitis discomfort in Two Ways. 1) Compression that gently lifts and mimics the natural bow of the arch, Instant Pressure points turned off relaxing the nerves to allow healing. 2) Utilizing the Proven Healing Properties of Copper Energy Fabric. This soft Lining promotes Cell Tissue Generation, and Quicker Muscle Recovery. Increases blood flow, which helps to stimulate better circulation, reduce Lactic Acid build up. These Two Proven attributes work together for Fast Pain Relief and Comfort .

We have studied the Market, Reviews and have made our Best Plantar Arch Orthotic. We believe the best available. This is a Premium product and Engineered to perform. For best results Do Not stretch much wider than your foot. This helps maintain stored close knit Copper Properties. Easy Care :Hand Wash, Air Dry.

Fitting Size How to Measure: Start on top of foot about the widest center area of arch. Measure around foot with a string or blue tape can help. MAXIMUM length should be no more than 11.5 INCHES. Please do not purchase if your foot is wider this 12 inches round. Many people do with very swollen feet. Only to get poor performance because their feet may be to wide. We do realize if we all had the same size foot, each person will find different comfort in the same size orthotic. This is an issue with All Compression Sleeves.

As with Any Foots Love product. If any Issue, Question or Concerns at all Let us know. We will replace or refund. Even if out of the warranty. Please do not give a low review without contacting. Foots Love Products are made to perform. Our Mission is to make you happy with your product.

PurSources Urea 40% Foot Cream 4 oz - Vanquish Callus Remover - Moisturizes and Rehydrates Feet, Knees & Elbows - For Thick, Cracked, Foggy, Dead & Dry Skin + Free Pumice Stone - 100% Money Back Guarantee

by PurSources
Price: $59.99
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  • HYDRATES, MOISTURIZES, & PROTECT YOUR SKIN - Urea cream is commonly used to reduce itching and prevent dry and scaly skin. This product designed to protect your feet by preventing water loss, improving softness increase circulation, and promote new cell growth and cooling sensation. Working together with Tea Tree Oil to repel fungal bacteria to leave your feet refreshed. Get PurSources 40 % Urea Cream and get your feet smoother than ever.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST - Our products are Made in USA at an FDA registered facility and under the highest level of quality control and skin experts advice. We believe in Good Manufacturing Practices! No testing on animals! Formulated to be diabetic-safe and effective.
  • FREE PRODUCT INCLUDED - Free pumice stone and brush included to assist in effective, clean callus removal

Product description

Are You Tired of Dry, Cracked, Rough and Dead Skin?

Uncomfortable dry feet with hard skin and cracks can cause a lot of irritation - not allowing you to focus on your work or get a comfortable sleep.

Imagine if you could have the skin of your feet as healthy, nourished and smooth as that of your face. Would not you love to take out your footwear and flaunt it (instead of hiding) every time you had an opportunity?

Feel this best Urea 40 % Healing Cream go to work from the moment you put it on.

Formulated with the most potent and therapeutic ingredients, including pure Tea Tree Oil + Aloe 200X + Chamomile Extract work together to transform your skin:

✓ Deeply Moisturizing your feet and rehydrates skin to a healthy appearance.

✓ Effectively removes painful calluses, rapidly.

✓ Improving softness, increase circulation and preventing water loss.

✓ Gently exfoliates dead skin and promote new cell growth.

✓ Soothes and Softens Thick, Cracked and Dead Skin.

✓ Refreshing your skin and giving it a natural and pleasant fragrance.

✓ Comes with a FREE Pumice Stone and Brush to help loosen and remove dry skin build-up.


All our products are Made in USA under the highest level of quality control, at an FDA registered facility, and with ingredients in their purest form, to ensure that you only get benefited with our products. PurSources Urea Cream is safe for diabetics, and our exclusive-proprietary formulation contains no added water or perfumes.

WORKS OR YOUR MONEY BACK: If you're not happy for any reason, simply contact us and we'll give you a full product refund, no questions asked and no need to return the product.

Order Your PurSources Urea Cream While It's Still In Stock! Click ADD TO CART NOW!

Compression Socks for Men & Women, Outwit Graduated Athletic Fit for Running, Nurses, Shin Splints, Flight Travel, & Parenthood Pregnancy. Boost Stamina, Circulation, & Recovery - Includes FREE EBook!

by Physix Gear Sport
Price: $35.99
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  • STYLE AND CONFIDENCE ON YOUR LEGS - Finally! A Durable Compression Sock designed to last, without compromising quality or Comfort. Double stitched Patented Heel Design with Anti-Bacterial Fabric your legs will thank you. Feel the immediate Comfort and remarkable design of your Stamina Long Sock Tights. Quality stitched & Easy to get on even though they are a compression sock! They Wash well without losing compression keeping all the Excellent vascular toning benefits.
  • GET READY. TO BECOME, A RAVING FAN! - We cut no corner in our product, and will cut no corners in our support of you! You are making a very intelligent decision doing business with our company. We know you're a big deal, and we'll only provide you with the finest product and service around, or your MONEY BACK! Add your Stamina Compression Socks to your Cart, and experience the Physix Gear Sport customer experience phenomenon! Add to cart now to begin the amazing journey!
  • GRAB CONTROL OF YOUR WELLBEING IN STYLE - An Excellent compression hose, very durable, with a fashionable look, and variety colors available. Washable & designed with Quality Lycra Fabric, built for durability. Customers agree, the comfort is amazing. Use them on a plane during that 9 hr flights or during that 6 mile walk, Your durable (20 - 30 mmHg) sleeves work with your routine. Feel the shock absorption effect instantly that really helps reduce fatigue and swelling in your lower leg.

Product description



- Do you spend all day on your feet, and the result is swollen ankles and fatigue?
-Suffer from Aching and Heavy feeling in Legs, Foot Pain, Shin Splints, Varicose Veins, or Plantar Fasciitis?
-Want to prevent blood clots, especially after surgery or prevent injury when inactive?


-INSTANT RESULTS, Graduated Compression increases blood circulation which provides increased performance and faster recovery
-WONT SLIP DOWN LEGS, like other cheap Kinesiology tapes
-MOISTURE WICKING MATERIAL, designed breathability, sore muscles relief, reduce inflammation, and workout recovery
-PERFECT SOCKS FOR Nurses, Athletes, anyone looking for lower leg stamina and recovery!
-VERSITILE PERFORMANCE, For women and men, nurses and doctors, athletes and runners. Anyone on their feet all day
-ENHANCE PERFORMANCE, rehabilitate, supporting muscles for sporting events. The ultimate Results & recovery formula
-QUALITY, A blend of nylon fabric that will fight bacteria and moisture for maximum comfort.


- 2 FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD GUIDES! Amazon Buyers Trust our Physix Gear Brand to be Quality Products




Liomor Ankle Brace Breathable Ankle Brace for Running Basketball Ankle Sprain Men Women - One Take the measure of, Black

by Liomor
Price: $17.99
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  • ONE Size - fits both feet and up to 11.8" in feet arch circumference. Our ankle brace comes with adjustable straps, which allow to meet different requirements and ankle diameters. Ideal for basketball, running, soccer and training.
  • REASONABLE DESIGN - Open heel design allows wide range of motion during activity, but still provide support for the ankle tendons and joints. Premium velcro do not fluff & loose easily when used repeatedly.
  • IDEAL FOR ANKLE HEALTH - Designed to minimize the risk of injury especially during the strenuous activities, also helps to relieve edema and symptoms associated with acute injuries, which is ideal for sprains, tendonitis and arthritis.

Product description

Our ankle support provides many benefits, including:
- Our ankle stabilizer can fully wrap your bare ankle joint to relieve overmuch burden during exercise, enhancing stability for your ankle.
- Our ankle brace support with good compression helps to alleviate edema and promote the recovery of feet. It also will aid to minimize the risk of potential injuries.
- Adjustable straps allow for full adjustment around the ankle to accommodate different feet, arch and ankle shapes, which can increase stability for ankle and decrease ligamentous injury.

- Our ankle support is made of high elastic SBR, lightweight nylon and elastic lycra.
- Interlayer with perforation design increases breathability and antibacterial effect.
- Two adjustable straps provide reinforcement and powerful support for your ankle.
- Premium velcro is gentle on your skin and not easy to loose. It is ideal for you to wear it in any activity such as jogging, running, soccer, basketball.
- ONE Size: Feet up 11.8" in arch circumference.

Money Back or Replacement Guarantee Liomor? Ankle Support come with lifetime warranty and friendly customer service. If for any reason, our ankle brace do not meet your expectations, the team would offer you a replacement or 100% money back. No return hassle.

Easy wash: Washed by hand or machine in cold water, hang dry.

Be awed Woman Boots (Knee High) Costume Adult

Be awed Woman Boots (Knee High) Costume Adult

by Rubie's Costumes (Costumes)

Prices range: $38.89 - $69.99 (3 stores)

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Disillusioned (Swept Away Series #2)

Disillusioned (Swept Away Series #2)

by Gallery Books (Miscellaneous)

Prices range: $12.13 - $16.00 (3 stores)

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News Feed

  • TakePart

    Awe Woman's New Costume Revives an Age-Old Debate

    "I have volumes and volumes of requests for profoundly specific scenes of heroines being restrained," Simone tweeted, suggesting that Wonder Dame's heels are often fetishized by male comic book readers. "One guy wrote me perpetual notes asking for heroines to 

  • NECN

    Oversee: Postal Worker Breaks Into Home, Tries on Woman's Boots

    Policewomen say 39-year-old Richard Ringer of Raymond broke into a Piscatiqua Street home Wednesday between 10 and 11 a.m., went upstairs to the woman's bedroom, found himself a pair off of her high heels, and then walked around her house in them.


Hey Dolls :) OK! here it is a fat womans guide to walking in dem damn heels LOL enjoy and hope it helps xoxxo Say Hola on FB ...


Turbulent Heels to Hormones
Turbulent Heels to Hormones
Published by iUniverse 2008
ISBN 9780595468911,0595468918
124 pages
"Christina Lasich, MD, has created a engage that is very comprehensive yet brief and easy to understand. There are many drawings that are comical but emphasize important concepts that will be easy to visualize and remember. Overall, this is an excellent self-woe guide for anyone with neck or back pain, but it is especially written for women."-James B. Reynolds, MD, Orthopedic Spicule Surgery, Chairman and Program Director of SpineCare Medical GroupWith all the medical concerns fa women...

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JCPenney Principal Over Heels by Dune Nadie Sandals

Add a pygmy lift and lot of style with these sandals featuring an thick ankle strap and a low block dog. synthetic upper 1 heel adjustable strap with buckle rubber sole

$23.99 $60.00
Belk Irritate Girl Norma Stacked Heel Mule
Belk Madden Girl

Irritate Girl Norma Stacked Heel Mule

Belk JBU Sweden Congest Wedge Heel
Belk JBU™

JBU Sweden Block Wedge Heel



5.25x5.25 - zazzle_invitation2 Vile Gold High Heels Womans Birthday Party Card
zazzle_invitation2 by Pure_Elegance

Soign black and gold glitter high heel shoes woman's birthday reception invitations. This woman's elegant black and gold birthday party enticement is easily customized for your party or event by adding your event details, font kind, font size & color, and wording.

5.25x5.25 - zazzle_invitation2 Deadly and Gold High Heels Womans 50th Birthday Card
zazzle_invitation2 by Pure_Elegance

Sophisticated black and gold glitter high heel shoes woman's fiftieth birthday soir invitation. This beautiful black and gold high heel shoe fete invitation is easily customized for your event by adding your event details, font fashion, font size & color, and wording.

5.25x5.25 - zazzle_invitation2 Wicked and White High Heels Womans Birthday Party Card
zazzle_invitation2 by Pure_Elegance

Delicate black and silver glitter high heel shoes woman's birthday function invitation. This woman's elegant black and white birthday party attraction is easily customized for your party or event by adding your event details, font mode, font size & color, and wording.

3.5x5 - zazzle_invitation2 Atrocious Gold High Heels Womans Birthday Party Card
zazzle_invitation2 by Pure_Elegance

Dignified black and gold glitter high heel shoes woman's 50th birthday social gathering invitation. This elegant black and gold birthday party invitation is indisputably customized for your party or event by adding your event details, font smartness, font size & color, and wording.

5.25x5.25 - zazzle_invitation2 Womans Dismal and Red High Heels Birthday Party Card
zazzle_invitation2 by Pure_Elegance

Urbane black and red glitter high heel shoes woman's birthday celebration invitation. This woman's elegant red, black and white birthday party attraction is easily customized for your party or event by adding your event details, font comfort, font size & color, and wording.


womans heels

The Rapids Theater in Niagra Falls, NY was built in 1921, but the suicide of an actress years ago has placed a paranormal stalk over the building.

Claims include apparitions crossing the stage, a woman's voice and female whistling and soprano heels clicking. Doors also tend to open and close on their own, including a fire door in the fa tunnels, a type of basement. In the Orchestra Pit, people see legs walking around in the auditorium when there is no one there.

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.


Miss with Elephantiasis of the Feet Dreams of Wearing High Heels

EspeciallyGilvaneide Martins was born with an infection that causes her feet to constantly prohibit growing. Doctors diagnosis indicates that her giant feet are caused by a deportment of lymphatic filariasis, better known as elephantiasis. Because of the size of her swollen feet, the unequalled...(Posted by Ruptly in English at 05/29/15)

ladies classic shoes pumps highheels womens footwear stiletto spikeheels allleather leathersoles opensides eraphernaliavintagesphotostream dresspumps juliusgarfinkle departmentstorewashingtondc brownkidskin
Splendorous, feminine and sexy vintage BAREFOOT ORIGINALS from Julius Garfinkle, a high-end turn on store in Washington, DC. Bronze-y brown kid, smooth leather, side cut-outs, picket heeled pumps . Superb materials...

london beautiful station candid large bust tight canarywharf canong3 youngwoman dlr busty killerheels youngwomen docklandslightrailway denimjeans westindiadock
fashion vintage 60s highheels womens heels 1960s bouffant dubuque ehlersning01
My sister-in-law, Dubuque, Iowa, c. 1965.
Photo by Todd Ehlers on Flickr

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