Carrot Slab Muffins With Cream Cheese Icing and Carrot Ingredients:carrot, caster sugar, pineapple, eggs, cinnamon, flour, vegetable oil
Tim and Tracy's Chocolate Loaf (Boiled) Ingredients:baking soda, butter, cocoa powder, eggs, flour, sugar, water
Smoky Chipotle and Red Tomato Jam (Chutney ? Appreciate) Ingredients:brown sugar, cardamom, chipotle peppers, chili pepper, garlic, ginger, red onions, red wine vinegar, tomato
Chicken and Cabbage (Griot's Cookbook) Ingredients:cabbage, chicken, garlic, italian seasoning, vegetable oil, onions, black pepper, salt, chicken, tomato juice, water
Rustic Spinach Feta And Smoked Sun Dried Tomatoes Bread Plan Ingredients:flour, loaves, cracked black pepper, feta cheese, water, red pepper flakes, sea salt, sun dried tomato, sugar, yeast

Ice Collection (2-Piece Set) – Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Wrap Support Wrong Recovery, Alleviate Joint and Muscle Pain – Rotator Cuff, Knees, Back & More

by KASM International
Price: $24.95
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  • Includes Comfort Strap - Trek Proof soothing therapy wraps come with an adjustable, one-size-fits-all strap that's great for men and women.
  • Hot or Cold Compress - Trek Proof medical-grade gel packs are safe for the microwave and freezer to easily rotate between icing and heating injuries.
  • Comfortable Pain Relief - These adjustable hot and cold packs offer therapeutic relief for myofascial, soft tissue soreness as well as stiff joints and aching muscles.

Product description

Get the joint, muscle and soft tissue pain relief you need to tackle each new day.

We all suffer from discomfort or injuries at times in our lives, be it tooth aches, sore muscles, joint pain or injuries. And while we can't prevent them all, we can help you recover so you have more flexibility and less pain throughout your day. Introducing the Trek Proof Ice Pack set that comes with two hot / cold gel wraps perfect for warming muscles or relieving swollen ankles, a stiff back, or tired knees and joints.

Soft, Durable Support

Crafted with skin-safe fabric, our ice packs come with an adjustable strap so you can use them all over your body. What's more, they're freezer and microwave safe so you can get them the right temperature before you place them on your skin. As a reminder, you should always check how it feels against your skin and limit treatment times based on comfort and therapy requirements.

Product Details:

  • Two (2) Hot and Cold Gel Packs
  • One (1) Adjutable Comfort Strap
  • Soft, Flexible and Reusable
  • Microwave and Freezer Safe
  • Velcro Closure
  • Home, Office and Travel Friendly
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Click 'Add to Cart' above to get versatile Trek Proof ice packs and start relieving pain, swelling and sores so you can feel better.

Gel Ice Cease Cold Compress – 2-Pack LARGE – Reusable comfortable soft avail oneself of vinyl provides instant pain relief, rehabilitation and therapy for injuries

by Thrive
Price: $24.95
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  • TRUSTED - Cold Packs are recommended the most by Physical Therapists, Doctors, Sports Trainers and Chiropractors. Manufactured in a modern sterile FDA registered facility and sold by FDA registered US company that has been doing business for 40 years. Purchasing a Thrive Brand gel cold pack ensures a safe, sterile and regulated product. Every Thrive Brand product is backed by a no questions asked one-year warranty.
  • FREE FABRIC STORAGE BAG - The 2-pack of LARGE gel cold packs comes in a handy fabric storage bag. Made from durable polyester and featuring a drawstring closure. Store the cold packs in the freezer with this bag or use it for travel. This bonus storage bag is our gift to you!
  • DESIGN - Crafted from durable nylon and vinyl fabric and filled with non-toxic gel. These gel cold compress ice packs are soft to the touch but durable enough to be used dozens of times. The packs gently provides soothing cold therapy and stay pliable during treatment. Won't turn into an immovable hard brick like most standard ice packs. These gel cold pack each are 11.5 inches long X 7 inches wide and less than 1 inch think. Each weighs approximately 0.5 lbs. You will receive two!

Product description

Looking for the best LARGE gel cold pack? Then Look No Further!

The Thrive Brand gel cold pack is the ideal cold pack for most common injuries and is useful in multiple settings, including: homes, offices, sports facilities, workplaces and schools.

What Makes the THRIVE Brand Gel Cold Ice Pack Different?

DESIGN: Crafted from durable nylon and vinyl fabric and filled with non-toxic gel. These gel cold packs are soft to the touch but durable enough to be used dozens of times.
VERSATILE: Great for use on nearly any body part, including: shoulder, upper / lower back, knee, elbow, cervical, wrist, head, eye, perineal, ankle and foot. Helps soothe common aches and pains or injuries.
SUPERIOR PAIN RELIEF & THERAPY: Delivers up to 30 minutes of soothing cool relief. Provides instant pain relief, long term therapy and helps to manage swelling.
FREE FABRIC STORAGE BAG: The 2-pack of gel cold packs comes in a handy drawstring fabric storage bag. This bonus storage bag is our gift to you!
TRUSTED: Cold Packs are recommended the most by Physical Therapists, Doctors, Sports Trainers and Chiropractors. Manufactured and sold by a FDA registered US company. Purchasing a Thrive Brand gel cold pack ensures a safe, sterile and regulated healthcare product.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied, simply contact us for a hassle-free full refund. We are a US company that has been in business for nearly 40 years and we truly believe in and stand behind our products!

View the full line of Thrive Brand Cold and Hot Therapy products on Amazon

End Cushion Insole 3 Pairs, Back Heel Pads for High Heels Blisters

by Bodyprox
Price: $19.99
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  • Definitely designed to support and protect your heels from pain, blister and callus. Suggested to place these pads every time you are wearing shoes, especially during long walkz
  • Apposite to any type of shoes. Colors offer are Beige and Black which gives a camouflage effect to your worn shoes without discerning diverse looks.
  • 100% SATISFIED GUARANTEE! Your money will not be wasted, we always put value to your money. Satisfaction is our optimum concern. Your business with us comes with our no-risk, no-questions, asked Money-Back Guarantee, and Top-Rated Customer Service.

Product description

Don't endure the pain and get rid of the blisters. Bodyprox will provide you a solution to prevent pain and pressure that might experience during long walk, cushion insole/ heel pads in 3 pairs (2 Beige + 1 Black). Be comfortable with your shoes because it leads you to good places.

These heel pads also give pain relief from any foot pain such as arch pain, flat foot, heel pain and plantar fasciitis. Say for instance, plantar fasciitis can be prevented when you have proper support of your plantar fascia. This plantar fascia is the connective tissue from the heel to the base of your toes, along the bottom of your foot. Get rid of that pain and inflammation using the heel pads that will protect you heel and align your foot properly ass you wear your best buddy, shoes.

Keep your feet a warmth and comfortable feeling when you stand, walk and run with this pad. The pad is made from a premium material that is eco-friendly. You are about to help Mother Nature and your feet as well. What are you waiting for? Don't let your feet suffer the pain, get blister and worst is having callus that is unappealing to your heel portion. Have the confidence to stand with proper posture wearing your stilettos. Try for yourself.

Solemates Chase Protector, Classic Clear

by Solemates
Price: $13.49
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  • HEEL PROTECTOR that prevents heels from sinking into the grass, cracks in sidewalks, wooden decks, cobblestones.
  • PATENTED & AWARD WINNING. Available in 3 sizes to fit snugly. (Classic is the most popular)
  • EVERYDAY HEEL GUARD meant to keep shoes looking good.

Product description

Never sink into the grass again.The Solemates High Heeler attaches easily to most stiletto and kitten heels to prevent your heels from getting stuck in uneven surfaces and allowing you to stay high on grass, cobblestones, and more without sinking. The unique and patented design of this high heel protector grips the sides of the heel without damaging your shoes.

The Solemates High Heeler takes the pressure off your heels.
By increasing the surface area on the base of the heel, it reduces the pressure on this area and prevents the heel from sinking into grass or falling into cracks!

The Solemates High Heelers are easy to use.
To apply your High Heeler, sit down and cross your legs. Slip or twist the product on, so that the word "Solemates" faces backwards. Press the heel down into the base to secure in place. The fit should be snug, so that your High Heeler does not fall off, spin, or be loose.

Select the appropriate size and color that best suits your heel and allow yourself to enjoy outdoor events without any fear.
The Classic fits on most classically shaped heels, specifically those ranging from 8-11 mm, which is about 3/8 inch, in diameter. The size that your shoe requires is determined by measuring the diameter on the base of the heel (not the height of the heel).

PROFOOT Toe Jump Cushions, Women's 6-10, 1 Pair

by Profoot Care
List price: $9.99
Price: $5.88
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  • Can be trimmed to fit your shoe - will not fray
  • Vanishes completely inside of shoe
  • Wraparound gel cushions

Product description

Professional dancers have been using these cushions for years to protect their most important investment: their feet. Now modified for everyday shoes, Pump Pouches™ offer unheard of comfort to any type of shoe from stilettos to flats. These luxurious soft-gel cushions protect and soothe toes and forefeet in any type of shoe.

Roger Vivier

Roger Vivier

by Rizzoli (Miscellaneous)

Price: $69.30 (1 stores)

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