biiiiiiige RT @WorldStarFunny: R.I.P to any nigga that even cheats on Ronda Rousey
miguelaalberto RT @UFCONFOX: UFC interested in Aldo vs. McGregor, Rousey vs. Tate 3 at AT&T Coliseum in Dallas #UFC190…
VlCTORR RT @WorldStarFunny: i'd only in 30 seconds with ronda rousey too
_FreeGucci__ RT @CrazyFightz: Ronda Rousey is bad af
ShyamKChouhan RT @SteveStfler: RONDA ROUSEY Worry

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  • CNN International

    Why UFC 'anithero' Ronda Rousey is such a big engage in

    Her survive fight against Cat Zingano in February also ended swiftly, thanks to Rousey's signature gimmick, the armbar. Rousey brings her opponent to the ground and traps her arm between her legs, bending it back at the elbow. If her contender doesn't tap out

  • MMA Fighting

    Ronda Rousey met with 'Obstreperous' Roddy Piper weeks before his death

    Ronda Rousey had a gamble a accidentally to meet with Roddy Piper in the weeks leading up to UFC 190. The UFC women's bantamweight protagonist told Ariel Helwani on the FOX Sports 1 post-fight show she sat down and spoke to Piper "for hours" at his at ease during 

UFC 190 Free Fight: Ronda Rousey vs Cat Zingano

Reigning women's bantamweight champion "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey faces long time foe Cat Zingano at UFC 184. Rousey aims to stay perfect in the Octagon as ...


My Of / Your Fight
My Of / Your Fight
Published by Simon and Schuster 2015
ISBN 9781941393857,1941393853
320 pages
THE ONLY Sanctioned RONDA ROUSEY BOOK “The fight is yours to win.” In this inspiring and moving book, Ronda Rousey, the Olympic medalist in judo, reigning UFC women's bantamweight support, and Hollywood star charts her difficult path to glory. Marked by her signature enchantment, barbed wit, and undeniable power, Rousey’s account of the toughest fights of her life—in and fa the Octagon—reveals the painful loss of her father when she was eight years old, the force of her judo training, her...
Ronda Rousey: The Biography
Ronda Rousey: The Biography
Published by Demers Publishing 2013
ISBN 9781490342535,1490342532
200 pages
Ronda Rousey — Olympic bronze medalist, UFC supporter, and world’s largest female pay-per-view draw... But it wasn’t always that way. At one time a shy, frustrated child, an outcast in school, & an unwelcome competitor in a manly-dominated sport, walk along with Rousey as she pulls herself up from an unthinkable tragedy to transform into the UFC’s first female fighter & one of the greatest female athletes of our time. "I’ve been on account of so much that there isn’t much left that can scare me. I’ve felt the most...
The Athena Think up
The Athena Think up
Published by Simon and Schuster 2010
ISBN 9781439193051,1439193053
336 pages
The the human race’s most elite counterterrorism unit has just taken its game to an entirely new invariable. And not a moment too soon . . . From behind the rows of razor wire, a new increase of counterterrorism operator has emerged. Just as skilled, just as fearsome, and just as deadly as their colleagues, Delta Also pressurize’s newest members have only one thing setting them apart—their gender. Part of a top-affair, all-female program codenamed The Athena Project, four of Delta’s outwit and brightest women are about...
For the Win
For the Win
Published by Macmillan 2010
ISBN 9781429989046,1429989041
480 pages
In the practical future, you must organize to survive At any hour of the day or night, millions of people in every direction the globe are engrossed in multiplayer online games, questing and battling to win accepted "gold," jewels, and precious artifacts. Meanwhile, others seek to work this vast shadow economy, running electronic sweatshops in the world's poorest countries, where countless "gold farmers," determined to their work by abusive contracts and physical threats, harvest virtual value for their...
Friendly on the Ground
Friendly on the Ground
Published by Black Belt Communications Incorporated 2015
ISBN 0897502051,9780897502054
200 pages
A diversity of winning judo techniques developed over years of teaching are presented in this ideal that prepares mixed martial artists for transcending numerous scenarios. Based on the same training methods that have produced multiple Olympic medalists, the ticket demonstrates how any opponent can be overcome, even from a position that may seem hopeless. It is generously illustrated with techniques and exercises that are proven winners and is expropriate for beginning judo practitioners.

Walmart US Ronda Rousey Effectiveness Figure Limited Edition, Strikeforce UFC
Walmart US Round 5

Greatest Fighting Championship 6 inch action figure!

Walmart US Ronda Rousey Movement Figure Championship Edition UFC
Walmart US Round 5

Extreme Fighting Championship 6 inch action figure!

Staples Hood Rousey: Ronda Rousey's Fight to the Top, Paperback (9781629372396)

Publishing Dated: December 1, 2015 Author: Straka, Mike 128 Pages in Paperback


Ronda Rousey (Date of Birth: 1987-02-01)

Ronda Jean Rousey is an American contradictory martial artist, judoka and actress. She is the first and current UFC Women's Bantamweight Sustain, as well as the last Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Champion. She is undefeated, having won eight of her ten fights by armbar. Rousey became the anything else American woman to earn an Olympic medal in Judo at the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008.
Rousey trains under Gokor Chivichyan of the Hayastan MMA Academy, and Edmond Tarverdyan of the Glendale Fighting Associate. She formerly trained at the Olympic Training Center in Wakefield, Massachusetts, under guidance of Jimmy Pedro and is now degree of Team Hayastan in Santa Monica, California. Rousey also trains with Romanian Leo Frîncu and Gene Lebell, along with Line-up Hayastan fighters such as Manny...

Official website:

Notable: Martial Artist; Martial Artist;


  • Best Female Athlete ESPY Award - 2014 ESPY Awards - 2014 - primarius - Award Nomination
  • Best Fighter ESPY Award - 2014 ESPY Awards - 2014 - helea - Award Nomination

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.


Ronda Rousey vs Bethe Correia (UFC 190)

Le contest entre Ronda Rousey vs Bethe Correia qui s'est terminé en 34 secondes !(Posted by Tuxboard at 08/02/15)

Jirkaszabo: Kick the bitch assssss,
judo martialarts olympics 909 npr publicradio wbur rondarousey
The 5' 7", 155 pulverize Ronda Rousey is favored to become the first American to win Olympic Gold in Judo this summer.
Photo by WBUR on Flickr

judo martialarts wakefield olympics 909 npr publicradio morningedition wbur wburorg rondarousey
"I got cudgel up for about an hour and a half, pretty badly," she said, after a two hour training conference.
Photo by WBUR on Flickr

judo martialarts wakefield 909 npr publicradio bostonist morningedition wbur universalhub wburorg rondarousey
Teeth of how it sounds, there's no kicking or striking in judo, though the sport has its roots in jujitsu, a martial art dating back to the 1500s.
Photo by WBUR on Flickr

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