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ssgiriezip @jacustoms someone sent me some supplements from Canada and they are being held by customs,WHY?
ssgiriezip someone sent me some supplements from Canada and they are being held by customs,WHY? — sensibility angry
Canada Pennon "cake" Ingredients:water, cool whip, strawberries, ice, pound cake, strawberries
No Bake Peanut Butter Nanaimo Bar Canada MO Ingredients:almond, glaze, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, cookie, eggs, graham crackers, peanut butter, peanut butter, semisweet chocolate, sugar, butter, butter
Café French (Canada) Ingredients:amaretto liqueur, baileys, coffee, triple sec, heavy cream
Usual-Through-Chemotherapy Smoothies Ingredients:fresh fruit, tofu, whole milk, yogurt
Zucchini Cheese Soup (A.k.a. Vache Qui Rit Soup) Ingredients:chicken broth, cumin, cheese, onions, salt, zucchini

Mandatory Proteins Pasture-Raised, Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides (20 oz)

by Vital Proteins
Price: $43.00
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  • Whole 30 ® Approved
  • Collagen contributes to a balanced diet and helps maintain weight
  • Collagen peptides promote youthful skin, healthier hair, and stronger nails

Product description

Collagen Peptides Benefits:

      -   Promotes youthful skin, healthier hair, and stronger nails

      -   Improves skin smoothness

      -   Helps keep bones healthy and strong

      -   Supports joint health

      -   Contributes to a balanced diet and helps maintain weight

      -   Natural glycine promotes healthy immune, digestive, and central nervous systems

What are Collagen Peptides?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is a key constituent of all connective tissues. Collagen provides the infrastructure of the musculoskeletal system, essential for mobility. Peptides are short chain amino acids naturally derived from collagen protein. These natural peptides are highly bio-available, digestible and soluble in cold water. The intake of collagen ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of skin, hair, tendon, cartilage, bones, and joints.

Collagen is a natural and healthy ingredient that has been used for centuries. Collagen-rich foods are a large part of traditional diets. Our ancestors utilized whole-animal nutrition, which provided an abundant amount of collagen, the native form of gelatin. Over time, we have lost touch with this powerful, healing superfood.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides are sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed bovine hides from Brazil to ensure a natural, high quality, and sustainable source of this ancient nutritional powerhouse.

These Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Viva Naturals Omega 3 Fish Oil Complement, 180 Softgels, The Highest Concentration of Burpless Omega 3 Capsules, 2,200mg Fish Oil/serving

by Viva Naturals
Price: $71.54
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  • Rebranded from Viva Labs to Viva Naturals - Packaging may vary, no changes to the ingredients.
  • HIGH POTENCY FORMULA - Each daily serving provides 2,200mg of highly concentrated, third-party tested fish oil to help satisfy daily omega-3 requirements.
  • NO FISHY AFTERTASTE - Supercritical extracted fish oil surpasses traditional extraction methods of fish oils, ensuring our fish oil pills provide one of the safest and best forms of omega-3's to eliminate fishy odor, repeat and harmful oxidation.

Product description

Viva Naturals Ultra Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil goes beyond ordinary fish oil to give you the highest amount of omega-3s in the purest, most bioavailable form available. Because it's absorbed up to 50 times faster, it penetrates deeply into your cells to deliver significantly more benefits than any fish oil or omega-3 supplement. So it's a convenient and powerful way to help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure your memory and brainpower... soothe aching healthy vision...enhance circulation...and much more.
What Makes Viva Naturals Ultra Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil So Powerful?
The highest strength - Each serving gives you 2,200mg of omega-3 fish oil. That's nearly triple the amount you get with ordinary fish oil supplements-so you can enjoy the maximum benefit.
Faster absorption - We stabilize the oil in highly bioavailable triglycerides. This means your body is able to absorb all the powerful Omega-3s up to 50 times faster than with other brands.
Clean and potent - Our proprietary supercritical CO2 extraction method uses no harsh chemicals or damaging heat. As a result, you enjoy the dramatic health benefits of superior, clean fish oil that delivers significantly higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.
Easy to take - Our fish oil is hyper-concentrated, which means you get the optimal amount of rejuvenating omega-3s in just two easy-to-swallow softgels each day.
Pure and safe - Each batch is IFOS 5-Star certified and exceeds the highest international standards for purity and potency. So you can take it with confidence and enjoy the maximum benefits.
No fish burps or aftertaste - The purity of our raw materials combined with our strict manufacturing standards virtually eliminates unpleasant fish burps, aftertaste, and odors.

Wonderful GREENS | Veggie Greens Superfood Powder - 20 Organic Ingredients: Spirulina, Chlorella, Spinach, Broccoli, Barley Nark + More - Plus Organic Fruits, Probiotics, and Enzymes | Non-GMO, No Soy

by Nested Naturals
Price: $34.95
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  • HONEST, NATURAL INGREDIENTS - We believe that nutritional supplements should be like mother's milk: natural, full of good stuff, but nothing extra and easy for your body to absorb. We are relentless about sourcing the best, most natural, most ethically produced ingredients available. Scan over the ingredient list and you'll see 20+ organic ingredients. Super Greens is a non-GMO green energy powder.
  • MAXIMUM BOOST: HELPING YOUR BODY ABSORB NUTRIENTS - The most potent, nutrient-rich supplement is worthless if your body can't extract the good stuff. We add enzymes such as bromelain and dairy-free probiotics to help your digestive system absorb maximum benefit from Super Greens and everything else you eat.
  • A HARMONIOUS FORMULA OF 40+ INGREDIENTS - Super Greens is crafted to be as close to perfect as we can get. We selected more than 40 ingredients that work together harmoniously to give you maximum benefit. You'll find alkalizing ingredients like organic spirulina, barley grass, alfalfa grass, wheat grass, chlorella, dulse, spinach, broccoli, kale, plus even more antioxidant and immune boosting ingredients in our green superfood powder.

Product description

SUPER GREENS: The Holy Grail of Plant-Based Superfoods to Boost Your Energy and Nutrition

This is the green powder we developed for our most health-conscious friends who want to supercharge their energy, immunity, digestion, detoxification - the whole works - with one scoop a day.

Plant-based superfoods really are pretty super and we try to eat a diversity of them in our diets. But we're the kind of people who never want to miss out on anything and as you may have discovered yourself, it's pretty hard to plate up spirulina and chlorella and dulse and ginkgo and acai and broccoli and grape seed extract and licorice root and all the other amazing superfoods every day.

Energize Naturally

Super Greens is packed with phytonutrients to give you natural energy without the crash you get from caffeine, sugar or energy drinks. You'll find alkalizing ingredients like organic spirulina, barley grass, alfalfa grass, wheat grass, chlorella, dulse, spinach, broccoli, kale and more in our green super food powder!

Optimize Your Nutrition

Super Greens gives you a potent boost of micronutrients that can be absorbed by the body quickly and easily.

Strengthen Immunity

Super Greens includes a blend of antioxidants and detoxifying herbs including echinacea, organic licorice root, royal jelly and organic milk thistle to help support immune function.

Boost Brain Power

The vitamins and minerals in Super Greens fuel your brain to help you focus, think clearly and balance your moods.

Improve your Digestion

A blend of dairy-free probiotic cultures gives you the good bacteria and enzymes needed for your gut to extract maximum nutrition from Super Greens and everything else in your diet.

Ready to Optimize Your Nutrition? Scroll Up & Click Add to Cart Now.

doTERRA The briny deep Blue Rub, 4 oz

by doTERRA
Price: $32.21
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  • Formulated with the Deep Blue proprietary blend of essential oils and other powerful ingredients
  • Provides a cooling and soothing sensation to targeted areas
  • Perfect for the athlete in your life, Deep Blue Rub is blended in a base of moisturizing emollients that leaves your skin soft and non-greasy

Product description

doTERRA Deep Blue Rub is a topical cream formulated with Deep Blue Soothing Blend of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Gradeessential oils, natural plant extracts, and additional helpful ingredients that provides a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to problem areas.

Organifi - Fresh Juice Super Food Supplement (270g) 30 Day Supply. USDA Integrated Vegan Greens Powder by Organifi

by Organifi
Price: $99.99
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  • HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS you can get. 30 Servings per bottle for a full 30 Day Supply Makes This The Greens Powder Value EVER Offered!
  • Helps to support ImmunityRESULTS YOU CAN SEE - Imagine How You Will Feel Once You Start to Get a Daily Dose of Greens Without Having To dramatically alter Your Diet? Of course improving your diet is always recommended, BUT our Organifi Green Juice blend is designed to enrich your body with healthy nutrients.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - When you order our Organifi Green Juice today, you're protected by a 30 day, no-questions asked money back guarantee and world class customer service!!

Product description

When you are travelling or don't have time to juice...grab one of your Organifi Green Juice! Organifi Green Juice is Infused with Coconut Water Crystals which may improve nutrient absorption. Plus we've added Ashwagandha, one of natures powerful all natural ingredients. These ingredients along with the other hand picked ingredients in our proprietary formula promote these benefits: Hydrates & Revitalizes Helps to support Immunity Detoxify Your Body Helps to support relaxation, mental and physical well being Supports the onset of sleep Helps Balance Hormones Drew Canole - CEO of Fitlife and Organifi. On a mission to change the world, one person at a time. Fueled by small-town values and a big vision for a better planet, Drew Canole launches each day with one simple goal - to take on something. Drew is committed to the conviction that people are at their best when challenged. He pushes others to bust through personal barriers and reach new heights in physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Organifi is one more way for Drew to help transform peoples lives, by giving them the tools they need to succeed.

New Minkus Die Album Pages 1991 Supplement Singles Canada (7 Pages)

New Minkus Die Album Pages 1991 Supplement Singles Canada (7 Pages)

by (Other Memorabilia & Collectibles)

Price: $28.99 (1 stores)

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New CWS Features Album Pages 1995 Supplement Canada English Edition (17 Pages)

New CWS Features Album Pages 1995 Supplement Canada English Edition (17 Pages)

by (Other Memorabilia & Collectibles)

Price: $28.99 (1 stores)

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New Snow-white Ace Stamp Album Pages 1969-71 Canada Regular Issue Supplement CR-7

New Snow-white Ace Stamp Album Pages 1969-71 Canada Regular Issue Supplement CR-7

by (Other Memorabilia & Collectibles)

Price: $28.99 (1 stores)

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    Saskatoon mass meeting pressures government to reverse social services ...

    Protesters in Saskatoon rallied against cuts to proceeds support programs for people with disabilities on Friday.

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    This, she adds, is because the learned boys tend to leave for the city while the girls are more likely to stay and face their villages. Kisaruni is run by WE Charity, a Canadian non-profit group known as Unrestricted the Children until it was rebranded

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Story of the Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada for the Year Ending ...
Story of the Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada for the Year Ending ...
Browsing Branch Research at the Federal Level in Canada
Browsing Branch Research at the Federal Level in Canada
Published by University of Toronto Press 2004
ISBN 0802088112,9780802088116
638 pages
Wilks provides a recorded background, list of publications, and description of activities for most of the major proficiency initiatives undertaken at the federal level. He surveys a wide range of authority documents and monographic and serial science collections used by both faculty and students.
Courtly Code of Lower Canada
Courtly Code of Lower Canada
Newspaper Supplements and One of a kind Editions on Canada
Made in Canada, Review in Spain
Made in Canada, Review in Spain
Published by Walter de Gruyter 2013
ISBN 9788376560175,8376560174
231 pages
The abundance is an edited collection of essays on the impact of English Canadian literature in Spain. Its relevancy is related to the importance of the Spanish language in global publishing. By analyzing more than 100 sources, this sum total covers areas that go from the institutional side of the Spanish-Anglo-Canadian market to the official acknowledgement of authors like Margaret Atwood and Alice Munro by the Spanish literary pattern

Walmart US Theralac-Not for resale to Canada Slave-driver Supplements, Inc 30 Caps
Walmart US Master Supplements, Inc

Theralac30 capsulesTheralac's breakthrough technology guarantees 100 percent viable delivery of its probiotics into the intestinal tract. Once in the gut, Theralac's strains are stimulated into activity by LactoStim, a patented prebiotic that feeds probiotics. Rapid colonization of intestinal surfaces follows and bowel movements regulate quickly. Both diarrhea and constipation can be corrected....

Purity Products Holy Multi Super Greens for Canada
Purity Products purity products

Face the benefits of our most cutting edge multivitamin; the Perfect Multi Super Greens. Featuring over 60 ingredients; including the key vitamins; minerals; plus super foods to support energy; focus; vaccination; cardio health and vitality.*

$34.95 $46.95
Kmart Garcinia Cambogia 100% Conceptual Caplets Bonus Pack 100 Ct.

Dietary Continuation. New. 5x more garcinia cambogia per day than the competitor. Effective weight loss (when used as directed as purposes of your diet and exercise program) . Clinically tested dose. 60% hydroxycitric acid. 4,667 mg/day. A disgrace you can trust. New Nature's Science is a line of natural, high-quality weight-impoverishment supplements that are scientifically formulated for better efficacy (when...


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St. Maarten Particle Leaguers discover Canadian hospitality
I peered between my feet under the aegis the glass. The entire city of Toronto lay below us, just waiting to be explored. The story of our Canadian risk begins several months ago, when the Rotary Club of St. Catharines, Ontario, invited the Player Expansion ...
$1B shortage in first quarter
The new issue benefit replaced the universal child care benefit, the Canada child tax advantage and the national child benefit supplement. Government revenues fell $1.5 billion or 2.1 per cent to $71.8 billion in the win initially quarter of the fiscal year ...


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LJ58 AVK, ex-Arriva London HW3
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USANA in Canada - USANA Healthiness Sciences | USANA Canada
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